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hania amir biography

hania amir biography
Who is Hania Aamir and her Boyfriend

Actress Hania Aamir, Who is trolled for her acting and boldness in the Pakistani industry, is playing the role of a girl named Maheer in her ongoing drama Mujhe pyar hua tha. People are very fond of this look of Hania. Haniya Aamir is working with Wahaj Ali in it.

Hania Aamir Birthday and her Family

hania amir husband

Haniya Aamir, a beautiful and talented Lollywood actress, was born on (12 February 1997) in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

Hania Aamir Parents (Fathers and Mother ) Name

Hania Amir’s father is Mohammad Aamir and mother is not known and a younger sister Ayesha, Hania’s mother is a single parent. Hania’s parents were divorced, at that time Hania was 11-12 years old, Hania proposed Janaan during Foundation for advancement of science and technology. Producer Imran Ghazi offered him the film JANAAN after seeing one of her BOLD videos. Hania is trolled a lot because of her bold dressing, Hania has no plans to get married.

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Hania Aamir Movies and TV Shows

Hania Aamir career started with the role of a supporting actress in the film Janaan. Haniya Aamir used to put dubsmash videos on her Instagram. After watching one of his videos, producer Imran Ghazi offered him the film Janaan. Hania played the role of a Pashtun girl in the film and people liked this form of Hania, Hania was also nominated for the Lux style award for Best Supporting Actress for this role.

Hania Amir Family

Hania Aamir Instagram ID & Asim Azhar

Hania has 10 million+ followers on Instagram. Hania’s insta page has 670 posts and Hania Aamir follows back 507 people. Let me tell you that Hania has her own account on YouTube as well. She does vlogging on her YouTube channel, she has 9.84 lakh subscribers on YouTube.

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Hania Aamir Dramas and TV Shows

Hania also worked in drama after films. For example, she played the role of Alishba in the serial Phir Wahi Muhabbat in Titli, 2021, and also won the Hum Award for Best Sensation Award for it. Played the role of Lead actress Daneen in the drama Anaa (2019) and also went to its ost. Played the role of Hala in Rumi Main and Mere Humsafar in drama Ishqiya, Hanian worked with Farhaan Saeed in Mere Humsafar and people liked their pair very much. This drama of Haniya also trended on YouTube. Haniya is currently seen in the ongoing serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha opposite Wahaj Ali, and their drama is creating a lot of buzz. The on-screen couple of these is being liked a lot.

Hania Amir and Farhan Saeed | Hania Amir and Asim Azhar

hania amir husband

The news of the relationship between Haniya Aamir and Asim Azhar went viral in the media, but in a live session of Aima Baig, Haniya denied this and told that she and Asim are just good friends. Let us tell you that Asim Azhar is a Pakistani singer. And both also worked together in a telefilm Pyar Ki Kahani. She also worked in the serial Mere Humsafar with Farhan Saeed, a talented actor of Urdu TV. People liked their pairing very much and their drama was a hit. Haniya says that she and Farhan are already good friends.

Hania Aamir All Dramas, Movies & TV Shows


I love you (2023)

Mere humsafar (2021-2022)

Ishqiya (2020)

Anaa (2019)

Phir Wahi Muhabbat (2019)

Sang-e-mah (2020)

Dil ruba (2020)

Parvaaz Hai Junoon (2021)

Parde me rahne do (2022)

Na Maloom April (2017)

Janaan (2016)


Love Stories

Band to Bajega

Dil ke Chor


Peela Rung

Piyaar Sufiyana

Q. Hania Amir’s father?
A. Hania Aamie father’s Name is Mohd. Amir

Q. Hania Amir’s mother?
A. Not known

Q. Hania Amir’s sister?
A. Eesha Amir (younger)

Q. Hania Amir’s husband?
A. She is unmarried.

Q. Hania Amir’s age?
A. As of (2023) 26 years.

Q. Where is Hania Amir’s from?
A.Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Q. Is Hania Amir Pathani?
A. Not Known___

Q. Hania Amir married or not?
A. Unmarried

Q. Which flag is on Hania Amir Instagram?
A.Palestine flag

Q. Hania Amir and Asim Azhar (relationship)?
A.Good friends

Q. Hania Amir and farhaan Saeed Relationship?

Q.Hania Amir’s Nationality?
A. Pakistani

Q.Hania Amir Instagram?

Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw Biography, Instagram, Boyfriend, Family

Recently, a video of cricketer Prithvi Shaw has gone viral on the internet, and in this video, social media influencer SAPNA GILL and her friends were arguing with Prithvi Shaw.
We’ll find out who Sapna Gill is and what her Instagram handle is.

SAPNA GILL Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend

sapnagill prithvi shaw

Sapna Gill vs. Prithvi Shaw is a social media influencer and model. Sapna is very passionate about modelling and acting; she wants to become an actress.

Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw Instagram , Boyfriend

sapna gill

SAPNA GILL is very popular on Instagram, and she makes very hot and super attitude reel videos. Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw’s Instagram ID is @sapnagillofficial, and she has 230K+ followers on Instagram. However, since her involvement in the Prithvi Shaw case, the public is looking for her Instagram ID, and her followers are growing like crazy.

Sapna Gill Instagram | Boyfriend | Prithvi Shaw News

sapnagill prithvi shaw

Sapna Gill is very active on social media instead of Instagram; she is also popular on Snapchat, Moj, and Josh. She is also a fitness freak who spends her free time working out; she works out every day and is a very hot and fit girl.

sapna gill prithvi shaw

Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw | Bio | Family | Boyfriend

Sapna Gill is a very talented young lady who is also very attractive. She lives in Mumbai, and she loves traveling. She has visited many foreign countries, like Singapore and London.

Prithvi Shaw News | Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw Full Video

On social media, this video in which Prithvi Shaw was arguing with a group of Sapna Gill and her friends is going viral. Sapna Gill asked Prithvi Shaw for a selfie; At the time, Prithvi Shaw didn’t deny them and let them take a selfie; After this, they came back and asked for another selfie, but this time he became angry. After this, Sapna Gill and her friends attacked his friend’s car and drove it away.

Full Story video of Prithvi Shaw and Sapna Gill

People’s reactions to the viral video on social media have been mixed. Some believe Sapna Gill is playing the victim card in order to gain public attention, while others believe it is merely a publicity stunt.

By the way, guys, what do you think about this matter?

CLASS CAST : Netflix Series CLASS Full CAST | Saba Manzoor Real Name

saba mansoor and madhyama

Recently a Webseries CLASS on Netflix is TRENDING in INDIA. Let’s know the cast of CLASS and about them.

1. Veer Ahuja
2. Saba Manzoor
3. Suhani
4. Neeraj Kumar Valmiki
5. Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki
6. Balli Shehrawal

So let’s see and know what is their real name and who are these people.

1. Who Plays Veer Ahuja in CLASS NETFLIX | Zeyn Shaw as Veer Ahuja
Veer Ahuja’s character in CLASS Webseries is played by Zeyn Shaw and Zeyn Shaw is an Indian Actor.

Zeyn Shaw Wiki | Biography | Age | Girlfriend and more
Zeyn Shaw is an Indian Actor and recently Zeyn Shaw made her debut in the big world of acting from NETFLIX SERIES CLASS. In this webseries, Zeyn has played the leading character of Veer Ahuja and Veer Ahuja tries to make Saba Manzoor his girlfriend.

Zeyn Shaw Career | Series | movies
Zeyn Shaw is a resident of Delhi and he used to do theater in his school and used to participate in small acts. Zeyn Shaw has completed his graduation from Boston University.

2. Who Plays Saba Manzoor in CLASS NETFLIX

saba mansoor and madhyama

The character of Saba Manzoor in the Netflix Series CLASS is played by Madhyama Sejal and Madhyama Segal is the real name of Saba Manzoor.

Madhyama Sejal | Saba Manzoor Netflix | Wiki | Biography | Age | Boyfriend | family
Madhyama Sejal is a very talented dancer and actress, Madhyama Sejal was born in Delhi and madhyana’s birthday falls on 28 October.

Madhyama Segal | Family | Boyfriend
Saba Manzoor (Madhyana Sejal) was born in a Hindu family and is a Hindu. Madhyama’s mother’s name is SUJATA SEJAL and MADHYAMA loves her mother very much.
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Madhyama Segal All Series | Movies | Career
Madhyama Segal belongs to a dancer family and Madhyama loves to dance. Madhyama Debuts Her Acting Career With NETFLIX SERIES CLASS

3. Who Plays Suhani Ahuja in CLASS NETFLIX SERIES

suhani ahuja Class real name anjali sivaraman

Suhani Ahuja is played by Anjali Sivaraman in the Netflix Series CLASS and Suhani’s real name is Anjali Sivaraman.

Anjali Sivaraman (Suhani Ahuja) Wiki | Biography | Age | Boyfriend | family
ANJALI SIVARAMAN is an Indian actress and Anjali is a very brilliant actor, dancer, and model. Anjali was born on 17 October 1997 in Mumbai Maharashtra. Anjali’s father Vinod Sivaraman is an Airforce Pilot.

Anjali Sivaraman | Series | Career
Anjali Sivaraman has recently been seen playing the role of Suhani Ahuja in the Netflix Series CLASS, but even before that Anjali Sivaraman made her debut in the film Cobalt Blur which was released in the year 2021.

ANJALI SIVARAMAN | Age | Weight | Boyfriend
Anjali Sivaraman’s Weight is 53KG.
Anjali Sivaraman does not have any Boyfriend and Anjali is currently focused on making her career.

4. Who Plays Neeraj Kumar Valmiki in Netflix Series CLASS

neeraj kumar valmiki real name gurfateh pirzada

Neeraj Kumar Valmiki is played by Gurfateh Pirzada in Netflix Series CLASS and Neeraj Kumar Valmiki’s real name is Gurfateh Pirzada

Neeraj Kumar Valmiki (Gurfateh Pirzada) Wiki | Biography | Girlfriend
Gurfateh Pirzada was born on 29 October 1996 in Chandigarh and has completed his graduation from Shobit University. The name of the parents of Gurfateh Pirzada is Gurlal Pirzada and Paramjit Kaur Pirzada. Gurfateh Pirzada has worked in the Short Film Bewajah (2017) and also played the role of Vijay in the Web Series Guilty and this webseries was released in 2020.

5. Who Plays Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki in Netflix Series CLASS

dheeraj kumar valmiki real name piyus khati

Piyush Khati has played the character of Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki in the Netflix Series CLASS and Piyush Khati is the real name of Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki.

Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (Piyush Khati) Wiki | Biography | Age | Gender
Piyush Khati was born in Mumbai and Piyush’s age is 21 years. Piyush has played the character of Dheerja very well in the Netflix Series CLASS and Piyush has completed his graduation in BJMC.

6. Who Plays Balli Shehrawat In Netflix Series CLASS

balram shehrawat real name cwaayl singh

The character of Balli Shehrawat is played by Cwaayl Singh in the Netflix Series CLASS and Cwaayl is the real name of Balli Shehrawat.

Cwaayl Singh Netflix Wiki | Age | Biography | Girlfriend
Cwaayl Singh was born in Mumbai Maharashtra and Cwaayl belongs to a Hindu family. Cwaayl singh ne tv has worked in many commercials and Cwaayl has worked with bollywood stars like Kriti Sanon and Imran Hashmi.

So these were the most popular cast of friends Netflix Series CLASS. I hope you must share this article with your friends

Yumna Zaidi Wiki Biography | Husband | Family | Dramas | Tere Bin

Yumna Zaidi Husband

आजकल ट्रेंड में चल रहे Serial (Tere bin) में Meerab का रोल प्ले करने वाली Yumna zaidi पाकिस्तानी इंडस्ट्री की मशहूर और होनहार एक्ट्रेस हैं। Yumna Zaidi अमेरिका मे पली बड़ी हैं। उनकी Acting (Tere bin) सीरियल में लोगों को काफी लुभा रही है, सीरियल में वो काफी Bold रोल प्ले कर रही हैं।

Meerab(Yumna) एक Life Ambitious लड़की है, जो एक Modern माहोल में पली बड़ी है। Meerab एक straight forward लड़की है, जो किसी से डरती नहीं है । उसके लिए उसके सपने ही सब कुछ हैं।

Yumna zaidi के Instagram पर 6.4 million followers ,1050 Post और 174 following है।

Yumna Zaidi (Meerab)

Yumna Zaidi Biography | Birthday 

Yumna Zaidi Lollywood (पाकिस्तानी) Industry की मशहूर और टैलेंटेड एक्ट्रेस हैं। Yumna Zaidi का जन्म 30 JULY(1989) को पाकिस्तान का कराची शहर में हुआ था। Yumna का Hometown पाकिस्तान के शहर Pakpattan के गांव Arifwala में है। Yumna के पिता (Late) ZAMEEDAR ZAIDI एक (Business man) थे ,इनकी मां SHABANA NAHEED ZAIDI (Home maker) हैं। Yumna का एक भाई MOH.SHAHZEB और दो बहनें MEERAB ZAIDI , ALIZAH ZAIDI हैं।

Yumna Zaidi Husband

Yumna Zaidi Family

YUMNA काफी नटखट और शरारती लड़की हैं। Yumna Zaidi की फैमिली America में होती है ,और Yumna ने एजुकेशन भी अमेरिका से ही ली है। लेकिन Yumna को कुछ बड़ा करने का ख्वाब वापस लाहौर ले आया।

Yumna Zaidi Husband and Boyfriend

Yumna Zaidi  का ख्वाब कम उम्र में शादी करने का था ,लेकिन Showbiz में आने के बाद उनकी लाइफ काफ़ी बिज़ी हो गई ,अब उन्हें एक अच्छे Proposal की तलाश है। Yumna का कहना है कि उन्हें अपने से ज्यादा Strong Life Partner चाहिए, लेकिन हम आपको बताते चलें

Yumna Zaidi Sisters –  Yumna की दोनों बहनों की Arrange marriage हुई है ,Yumna को भी Arrange marriage से कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता। क्योंकि उनको अपने खुदा पर बहुत यकीन है ,उनका कहना है कि खुदा जो करेगा बेहतर होगा।

Yumna Zaidi Movies and TV Shows | Dramas

युमना ने एक्टिंग में अपने करियर की शुरुआत सीरियल THAKAN में एक Supporting Actress रोल से की, जिसके लिए Yumna ने Best supporting actress
अवार्ड भी अपने नाम किया ,Yumna Zaidi एक्टिंग से पहले Hosting में भी अपनी क़िस्मत आज़मा चुकी हैं, और वहाँ पर भी इन्हे काफी पसंद किया गया। Yumna ने अपने दोस्त के कहने पर एक्टिंग की दुनिया में क़दम रखा। यहाँ रातो-रात इनका नाम मशहूर Actress में जुड़ गया। लोग इनकी एक्टिंग को काफी पसंद करने लगे । Yumna ने काफी सारे सीरियल में काम किया और अवॉर्ड भी जीते।

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Yumna Zaidi Award Shows 

जैस – Dar si jati hai (2019) में (Best actress award) अपने नाम किया, सीरियल Pyar ke sadqe में Mahejabeen नाम की एक funny लड़की का किरदार निभाया। Yumna के इस रूप को भी लोगो ने काफी पसंद किया ,और इन्हे (Lux style award for best TV female actor,2021) भी मिला, वही Yumna ने ( Best screen couple award) भी अपने नाम किया। Yumna अभी तक 3 Lux style award अपने नाम किए हुए हैं।

Yumna Zaidi Shows

Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali Relationship | Ahmed ALi Akbar

Yumna का कहना है कि Wahaj Ali एक टैलेंटेड और Hard Working एक्टर है, जिनहें अपने काम से काफी प्यार है। Wahaj और Yumna अच्छे अभिनेता होने के साथ-साथ काफी अच्छे दोस्त भी हैं, लोगों को इनकी ऑन स्क्रीन केमिस्ट्री काफी पसंद आती है। Yumna और Wahaj सीरियल (Dil na ummeed to nahi) में एक साथ काम कर चुके हैं। वही ट्रेंड में चल रहे सीरियल TERE BIN में उनकी जोड़ी लोगों को काफी लुभा रही है, इनकी केमिस्ट्री लोगों को काफी पसंद आ रही है।

Yumna Zaidi and Ahmed ALi Akbar Relationship – वही सीरियल (Parizaad) में Ahmed Ali Akbar ne bhi Yumna Zaidi के साथ काम किया है, जिसे लोगो ने काफी पसंद किया।

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Yumna Zaidi Movies and TV Shows List

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bakhtawar (2022-2023)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parizaad (2021- 2022)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​pyar ke sadqe (2020)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ishq-e-laa (2021-2022)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sinf-e-ahaan (2021-2022)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dil na umeed to nahin (2021)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Raaz-e-ulfat (2020)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Guzarish (2015)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pinjra (2017)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Yeh raha dil (2017)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dil kiya kare (2019)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Zara yaad kar( 2017)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Inkar (2019)


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Impossible Shadi

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gori ki Dukan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Raja ki Raji

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s mother ?

A. Shabana Naheed Zaidi (Home maker)

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s father ?

A. Zameedar Zaidi (Businessman)

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s sisters ?

A. Mehreen Zaidi and Alizah Zaidi

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s brother ?

A. Muhammad Shahzeb

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s age ?

A. As of (2023) 33 years

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s religion ?

A. Islam (shia)

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s Nationality

A. Pakistani

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s husband | Boyfriend ?

A. Single | Unmarried

Q. Is Yumna Zaidi from Arifwala ?

A. Arifwala (Home town)

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s Instagram ?

A. @yumnazaidiofficial.

Q. Yumna Zaidi’s twitter ?

A. @yumnazaidi3

Wahaj Ali Biography Hindi | Wife | Age | Life Story | Daughter | Drama List

Wahaj Ali Family Photo

Wahaj Ali (Murtasim) Biography | Wife | Family |Sister
इन दिनो TERE BIN serial की वजह से, Murtasim का रोल प्ले करने वाले Wahaj ali काफी ट्रेंड में हैं। Wahaj ali लॉलीवुड (पाकिस्तानी) Industry के एक जाने माने कलाकार हैं wahaj ने HUM TV के एक Show ishq Ibadat (2016) से अपने करियर की शुरुआत की इनको अपने ड्रामा कैरेक्टर को लेकर काफी मुश्किलों का सामना करना पड़ा

Wahaj Ali Family Photo

Wahaj Ali Instagram | Drama List
Wahaj Ali (Murtasim) के Instagram पर 1.4 Million Followers है।

Wahaj Ali Biography | Wife | Sister | Family | Income
Wahaj Ali का जन्म 1 दिसंबर 1988 को Lahore (Punjab) में हुआ। ये अपनी मां-बाप के इकलौते बेटे है इनका कोई भाई बहन नहीं है, इनके Father Government Job करते हैं। Wahaj को School Life से ही Acting का शौक था, लेकिन इनके मां बाप इन्हे पढ़ा लिखा कर एक अच्छी job कराना चाहते थे। इस्लीये ये Acting से पहले एक Assistant Director की Job करते थे।

Wahaj Ali Wife Sana Khan |Daughter | Love Story
Wahaj Ali ने 27 साल की उम्र में ही Sana नाम की लड़की से Love Marriage कर ली। शादी के बाद ही wahaj ने showbiz की दुनिया में कदम रखा, वह अपनी कामयाबी का क्रेडिट अपनी बीवी Sana Farooq को देते हैं। वहाज की एक बेटी भी है जिसका नाम AMEERA है जिसकी Age लगभग 5 साल है।

Wahaj Ali All Dramas

Wahaj Ali All Drama | Career | Education
Acting में आने से पहले ये एक Assistant director की जॉब करते थे JOB के साथ ही इनका मन एक्टिंग की तरफ ध्यान भटका और इनहोने अपना पहला ड्रामा Ishq Ibadat (2016) से Industry मे कदम रखा। शुरू में Wahaj को serial character को लेकर काफी मुश्किलों का सामना करना पड़ा। Wahaj ने काफी सारे serial में अलग अलग किरदार निभाए।

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Wahaj Ali Latest Drama “Tere Bin” Cast
आज-कल ट्रेंड में चल रहे serial में Wahaj एक Murtasim नाम के एक BOY का रोल प्ले कर रहे हैं.जो लोगों को काफी पसंद, रहा है उनका Dressing Style और Attitude लोगो को काफी लुभा रहा है।

Wahaj Ali Drama List |Wahaj Ali All Serials List
Tere Bin (2022)
​​Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha (2022)
​​Fitoor (2021)
​​Ishq Jalebi (2021)
​​Ehd – e-Wafa (2019)
​​Mah-e-Tamaam (2020)
​​Gissi Piti Mohabbat (2020)
​​​Jo Bichar Gaye (2021-22)
​​Mera Maan Rakhna (2020)
​Bikhray Moti (2020)
Dil-e-Bereham (2020)
​​Zoya Swaleha (2017)
Wahaj Ali Movies
​Dil Ruba
​​Mai Tera hu
Love Siyappa (Telefilm)

Questions  About Wahaj Ali

Q- Wahaj Ali Wife.
A- Sana Farooq
Q- Wahaj Ali Daughter.
A- Amirah Wahaj
Q- Wahaj Ali Wife.
A- Wahaj Ali Wife is Sana Farooq
Q- Wahaj Ali Sister.
A- ——-
Q- Wahaj Ali Height.
A- 5 Feet 9 Inches (1.75m)
Q- Wahaj Ali Education.
A- He is Well Educated
Q- Wahaj Ali Drama List.
A- GO Up and Watch all Dramas
Q- Wahaj Ali Age.
A- He is 34 Years Old (in 2023)
Q- Wahaj Ali Daughter Name.
A- Wahaj Ali Daughter Name is Amirah Wahaj
Q- Wahaj Ali Instagaram.
A- Wahaj Ali Instagram ID is @wahaj.official

Lucky Rajor Biography, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Instagram, Family

Lucky Rajor Biography

Lucky Rajor Biography
Lucky Rajor Biography

Nowadays, this girl is going viral on the internet, and the public wants to know her name and her Instagram ID and Lucky Rajor Biography also. Actually, this girl is so popular on Instagram for her hot and romantic transformation videos. So in this article, I will tell you about this girl,

Who is this viral Instagram girl, and what is her real name? We will know more information about her, such as:

Q- Bacche apni aankhe band kar lo
Q– Bacche apni aankhe band kar lo vira girl
Q– bacche apni aankhe band kar lo girl
Q– Lucky Rajor Biography
Q– School dress Girl instagram ID

Viral Girl Bacche Apni Ankhe Band Karo

The girl who is very popular on Instagram with her video “Bacche apni aankhe band kar lo,” her real name is Lucky Rajor, and she is an Instagram influencer, model, and also a social media influencer.

Lucky Rajor Biography | Boyfriend | Family | Instagram ID

Lucky Rajor

Lucky Rajor is a well-known and attractive social media influencer and model.Her real name is Lucky Rajor, and she was born on March 14, 2005, in Gurgaon, Haryana (India).

Lucky Rajor Instagram ID
Lucky Rajor’s Instagram ID is @luckyrajor_, and she has 250K+ followers on Instagram. Lucky Rajor’s viral videos on Instagram are super hot and romantic. She makes hot and bold reels on Instagram. Her fans like her transformation videos, which she makes in school clothes.
Ayshatul Humaira Full Video Click Here

Family | Lucky Major Boyfriend
Lucky Rajor was born into a Hindu family in Gurgaon, Haryana. She loves her parents so much, and her parents are so supportive. Lucky Rajor likes kids so much that he plays with them.

Watch Full Video

Boyfriend of Lucky Rajor | Relationship
Lucky Rajor is a damn hot girl, and her fans are very curious to know about her boyfriend and her relationship status. So Lucky Rajor said that she is single, she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she wants to focus on her career. Whenever you watch her videos, you will not believe that such a beautiful and hot girl is still single.

bacche apni aankhe band kar lo viral girl Lucky Rajor is a very popular and talented social media influencer. She is a damn hot and pretty girl. Her fans are crazy to watch her reels and her hot videos.

  1. Lucky Rajor’s hobbies are travelling, watching movies, and dancing.
  2. She spends most of her time with her family at her house.
  3. She makes two videos daily; she is a very hard-working girl.
  4. Lucy Rajor enjoys ice cream, pizza, and hamburgers.
  5. But she is very serious about her fitness and hot body.
  6. She exercises daily and keeps her body fit.
  7. Yellow and black are Lucky Rajor’s favourite colors.
  8. Lucky Rajor’s favourite actors are Akshay Kumar and Rajkumar Rao.
  9. But her favourite is Murder 2,

Kalesh Chori Download | DG Immortal | Biography | DG Immortal Real Name

Kalesh Chori Song

The song Kalesh Chori by DG Immortal is going viral on the internet, and people are obsessed with this song. This song is sung by singer DG Immortal, and in this article we will talk about DG Immortal. Who is DG Immortal, and what is his real name?

dg immortal biography, wiki

DG Immortal Biography | Age | Real Name

DG Immortal is a very talented superstar singer from Haryana. DG Immortal was born in Haryana, India, and he is very passionate about singing, rapping, and music.

DG Immortal Real Name | Kalesh Chori

DG Immortal is a very young and super talented singer, and his real name is “DIGVIJAY MEHRA.” And he is founder of ‘Boom Shiva Immortals’ & also Co-Founder of ‘Boom Shiva Official.’

DG Immortal: All Songs | Kalesh Chori

DG Immortal has released many Haryanvi songs. His most popular songs are Kalesh Chori (20122), Bad Guy (2022), Badmash, Pablo, 50 Tola, Gudgaame Ale, and many more.

DG Immortal song “Bad Guy” (Elvish Yadav) | Kalesh Chori

The song “Bad Guy” was a super duper hit, and in this song, Immortal and Youtuber Elvish Yadav performed very well. This song was released on October 3, 2022.

Kalesh Chori Song by Pranjal Dahiya | Dg Immortal & Raga
In this song  most popular Haryanvi singer, Pranjal Dahiya, performs and looks so adorable with Raga and DG Immortal. In this song, Harjas Harjaayi and Virtual_AF sing.

Kalesh Chori Song

Kalesh Chori Song Lyrics: Man Ja Na Naas Karavegi Ke
This song’s lyrics are so good, and people are making reels to this song. On Instagram on this song almost 7 Lakh+ reels videos has been created and this song Kalesh Chori and Lyrics of this song are ruling all over the internet.

Kalesh Chori Ringtone MP3 Download | Kalesh Chori mp3 download
The Craze of this song is Insane and most of the people are asking How to download this song and set ringtone. So if you want to download this song on Google, then follow these steps:
1. Search on Google for Kalesh Chori ringtone download in mp3.
or if you want to download this song in mp3 format, then you have to follow these steps:
A: Download an application on your Android phone. calles Vidmate or
B- Download an applicaton named “Save From Net”
Now simply search on YouTube for “Kalesh Chori Song Rintone Status.”
D- Now copy the link
E- Paste the link in any application of your phone (‘VIDMATE’ or ‘Save From Net’)
Click on the “Download” button.

Kalesh Chori Lyrics | kalesh Chori MP3 Download | DG Immortal Song

Kalesh Chori Song

Nowadays, this song is going very viral on social media, and the song title is “Kalesh Chori Song by DG Immortal.” Lakhs of people are making reels on this song, and the lyrics are “Main Ke Maan Ja na Naas Karwavegi Ke.”So you know who is the singer of this viral song,
“Kalesh Chori,” and what is the lyrics of this song are: “Gadi ke truck neeche.” If you don’t know so don’t worry in this article we will know who is singer of this viral song “kalesh Chori .”

Kalesh Chori lyrichs

Kalesh Chori Song: Full Lyrics and Full Details
You know what Kalesh chori song music version was already released 1 year before and it has 2.6 million views on youtube but this time Video Version of this song with very talented and most popular and pretty singer “Pranjal Dahiya” is released on 17 January and after releasing of this song its going viral onn internet like ‘Spreading Fire in The Jungle.’ Watch Full Video

Who is singer of Kalesh Chori | Kalesh Chori song Lyrics
Song Kalesh Chori also going viral on instagram reels with lyrics, main ka man jana naas karwavegi ke
and singer of this song  is “Pranjal Dahiya”,  ‘DG IMMORTAL ’ and RAGA , HARJAS, VIRTUAL_AF

Pranjal Dahiya New Song

Who is Pranjal Dahiya | Kalesh Chori I Pranjal Dahiya New Song
Pranjal Dahiya is a very popular and cute Haryanvi singer; her song 52 Gaj Ka Daman was a super duper hit on the internet, and this song has reached 1.4 billion views on Youtube.
Pranjal Dahiya was born on May 5, 1996, in Fridabad, Haryana, and she belongs to a Hindu family. Pranjal Dahiya was used to dancing and performing on stage in his early career.

Kalesh Chori DG Immortal

Who is DG Immortal  | DG Immortal Songs
Dg Immortal is also a music artist and singer, a rapper, a sound engineer, a composer, and a lyricist. His songs are fabulous and cool. Recently, DG Immortal released his song with Youtuber ELVISH YADAV, and the title was “Bad Boy.”

What is the Real Name of DG Immortal | DG Immortal Real Name
The real name of DG Immortal is Digvijay Mehra, and his song Kalesh Chori is going very viral on the Internet. People are making reels on this song and putting it in their status updates and stories, and they are also enjoying it.

Who is  RAGA | RAGFA kalesh Chori
Raga is also a very popular singer on the internet and he has 216K with blue verified tick on instagram.

Ayeshatul Humaira Telegram Link, Watch Now Ayeshatul Humaira 10 Viral Video Dont Miss

ayeshatul humaira viral video link
Ayeshatul Humaira Telegram Link This video of this girl is becoming viral on Facebook and other social media platforms, and people want to see this video in full. How can they get the full video to this video so they can watch the video of the girl in full?

Ayeshatul Humaira Telegram Link | Ayshatul Humaira kivabe korbo

So let’s tell you in this video. After all, how and where can you watch this video of Ayeshatul Humaira Telegram Link
But before that, do you know
who this girl is?
And where is this girl from?
What is this girl’s name?
And why is this girl going viral?
Read this article completely until the end, and at the end you will get its complete detail here.

Ayshatul Humaira Full Video
Ayeshatul Humaira

Ayeshatul Humaira Telegram Link | Ayshatul Humaira Viral Video

According to media reports, the full name of this girl is “Ayeshatul Humaira,” and it is being told that this girl is from Bangladesh.
Samu Macha Manipur Full Video

This girl in Bangladesh name Ayeshatul Humaira Telegram Link makes videos on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, and they are very viral in Bangladesh.
Youtubers from Bangladesh and West Bengal roast this girl and make a lot of fun of her because she went live and said some objectionable things, so this girl keeps getting trolled. Amarjeet Jaikar Indian Idol Biography

Ayesha Al Humaira Full Video | ayatul humayra instagram id
This is a myth on social media. Some people are saying that this viral girl is not from Bangladesh but from Indonesia, and this girl is from Bangladesh. If you see the photos of these two together, then both of them are different in appearance, and it is absolutely true that both of these girls are different. You people look at their photos and tell whether they are different or same.

Ayeshatul Humaira Telegram Link

Ayatul Humaira Video Kivabe pabo | Ayatul humaira facebook page
So let’s now talk about how you can watch the full video of this girl.
you follow these steps

1. Download the Telegram application on your phone.

2. open telegram app

3. Search Telegram for Ayshatul Humaira’s  video.

4. After searching you will get its full video.

5. Watch Full Video Ayeshatul Humaira

If you want to know more details about this, then click on this link and watch this video.

Wednesday Series Full Cast Real Names & thier Movies

wednesday series full cast real names
wednesday addam full cast real names

Hello friends! In today’s article, we will talk about Netflix’s most trending series, “Wednesday.” And we’ll go over the real names of the Wednesday cast and the last story about them. What’s Wednesday’s real name, and what’s her friend Enid’s real name?

Wednesday Addam’s real name | Age | Movies | Biography 
Wednesday’s real name is ‘Jenna Marie Ortega,who was born on September 27, 2002, in Coachella Valley, California, is an American actress who started her career as a child artist.
wednesday addam real name | jenna ortega
Jenna Ortega (Wednesday Addam) Popular Movies | Webseries List
Jenna Ortega worked on “The Fallout” in the year 2021, “Scream” in the year 2022, and “X” in the same year 2022. Did you know Jenna Ortega played for 11 minutes in Iron Man 3CLASS Netflix Series Full Cast
2. Wednesday Addam’s Friend ‘Enid Sinclair’ Real Name | Age | Movies
The real name of Wednesday’s friend Enid Sinclair is “EMMA MYERS.” Emma Myres was born on April 2, 2002, in Orlando, Florida, and is 20 years old.
Enid Sinclair (Emma Myres) Popular Movies | Webseries 
Wednesday’s friend, Enid Sinclair (Emma Myares), is an American actress who started her career as a child actor in the year 2010.
enid sinclair

3. Hyde in Wednesdays Tyler Galpin’s real Name | Tyler Wednesday Real Name
Tyler Galpin’s real name is “Hunter Doohan,” and Hunter Doohan was born on January 19, 1994, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, US, and his father is Peter Duhan. Hunter Duhan is 28 years old. Wednesday Addam Biography | Age | Name | Boyfriend

hyde in wednesday tyler
Wednesday. Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin in episode 101 of Wednesday. Cr. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix © 2022
tyler galpin hyde

Hunter Duhan worked in the film “Your Honor” in the year 2020, and in the year 2018 he worked in “Sound Wave.”

xavier thorpe in wednesday

4. Xavier Thorpe Wednesday Real Name | Age | Biography | Movies
The real name of Xavier Thorpe in the Wednesday series is “Percy Hynes White,” and he was born on October 8, 2001, in St. John’s, Canada. His age is 21. In the Wednesday series, his name is “Percy Hynes White,” and he was born on October 8, 2001, in St. John’s, Canada. His age is 21. Joel Thomas and Shari White are Xavier Thorpe’s parents.

Xavier Thorpe was in the movie “The Gifted” from 2017–2019 and in the movie “Pretty Hard Cases” in 2021.


5. Wednesday Bianca’s real Name | Biography | Age | Family
Bianca’s real name is “Joy Sunday,” and she was born on April 17, 1955, in “Satan Island, New York, US.” Bianca is 27 years old, and Bianca’s highest popularity in the year 2020 is the film “BAD HAIRS.”

After this, Bianca got a lot of fame after working on Wednesday, and she became famous all over the world. Wednesday Series Interesting Facts


Who is your favourite character in wednesday series, comment down below