Unknown Facts of BTS V, How BTS Jungkook and all 6 BTS members become so Successfull

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Do you know about BTS V and all members of BTS Group, Today we will tell you the story of BTS and how these people became so successful. Bts is such a Korean band who have made many records. And their names are also included in a genius book of world records.

bts v and jungkook

BTS V what show is v from bts in 

His real name is Kim-tae-hayung. He was born on 20 Sept 1995 in Daegu, South Korea. He is a song writer, vocalist and producer in this worklist. i will tell you that BTS V’s parents are farmers and he also has a younger brother and sister. He used to be seen in BTS V’s house at, but his child still passed away. V has been interested in music since childhood.

BTS Group Success Story with BTS Jungkook

BTS is the biggest boy band of this generation. So let us now tell you about the success of BTS from the beginning. Between 2010 and 12 when producers BANG SI HAYUK and “BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT” is an entertainment company from South Korea.
Let me tell you that an idea came to the mind of Bang Siyuk and Big Hit entertainment company to bring a new season in music and they were ready for a good startup.

BTS Group Success Story with BTS Jungkook

bts v and jungkook

During his audition, Bang first met RM and he was very impressed with RM, and RM was first selected for BTS. And by the end of the audition, 7 boys were selected, whose names were RM, JIN SUGA, JIMIN, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE and and BTS V.
And thus the foundation of BTS BOY BAND was laid. The name BTS comes from a KOREAN EXPRESSION, which is BANGTAN SONYEONDAN.

Who is GAY in BTS

bts v and bts jungkook

Let us tell you some facts about BTS MEMBERS.

BTS RM comes first | BTS RM 

Who is considered the LEADER of BTS and is a Rapper and song writer and his stage name was first RAP MOANSTER, which was later shortened to RM. RM was born on 12 September 1994 in Seoul, South Korea and his real name was Kimnamjoon. RM used to watch frame series from a very young age, so he also got formatted in English.
RM was also very good at studies and his IQ level is 148, which is very high. He started his career with rap songs.

BTS SUGA with BTS V, Now it’s Suga’s turn

His real name is Min-yoon-gi and he was born in 1993 in Taejeon-dong, South Korea. And he is the lead rapper of bts. At the age of 13, Suja started writing songs along with studies. He also used to work part time in the recording studio and, before becoming a bts member, he was part of an underground rap group called D-Town.

Is V from BTS GAY, BTS V and SUGA Unknown Facts

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Suga openly supports the LGBTQ community. and his friends tell people that Suga has also become a victim of depression.
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J-Hope Lifestory with

Who was born on 18 February 1994, he is a rapper, singer and lead dancer. He also has two sisters. He had not been so active since childhood. Before auditioning for BTS, he was part of a dance group called Neuron.

Now, my next name is Jin.

bts v and jungkook

His real name is Kim-seok-jin. He was born was born on 4 Dec 1992. This is a worklist in which the group is the most senior. Tell you that Jin was introduced to hiphop music. When Jin was young, he got interested in music and belonged to a successful family.

BTS Jimin Unknown Facts 

His real name is Park Jimin. He was born on 13 Oct 1995. He is the eldest son of his family. He had been fond of dancing and singing since childhood. When he was at Korean Art School, he auditioned for BTS TV. Watch BTS Full Video

Now  BTS Jungkook comes in last.

whose real name is Jeon Jungkook, who is a singer and rapper who was born on 1st Sept 1997 and is the youngest member of the group. He has also been interested in dancing and singing since childhood. He officially joined the band in 2013.