How to get Blue Tick on Instagram, 3 Easy Way How to Apply for Instagram Blue Tick

Friends, in today’s blog, we will tell you How to get Blue Tick on Instagram. And the interesting thing is that everyone can take it.

How to get Blue Tick on Instagram

How to get verified on Instagram 2023

Facebook and Instagram’s Meta company launched this account verification service in the USA in February itself; after that, it was launched in Canada, then in the UK, and Now they have launched this service in India as well. Yes, now in India, Public is excited to know How to get Blue Tick on Instagram if someone wants Blue Tick on Instagram, he can take it.
And many accounts have started getting this service, but now many accounts are not getting it.

How to get Verified on Instagram without Followers

If you have this service, then we will tell you how to apply for How to get Blue Tick on Instagram and How to get Blue Tick on Instagram. And also, you have not received this service yet in your phone. So we will tell you how to apply and get it.

How to apply for Instagram verification Badge

So let’s start. First,  you have to go to your Instagram app and click on the three lines that are visible. Go to settings and privacy, and after that, you will get an option called “Account Centre. If you would have gotten this feature.

So scrolling down, you will get an option called meta verify,” and after clicking on it, if your Facebook and Instagram are linked to the same ID, then you will also be showing Facebook, but Meta will be clearly written on Facebook.

How to get Instagram Blue Tick with less Followers

Verified not available, or where it will be written on Instagram meta verified available, then simply You have to click on it, and you will get to see many features here, like verifying vegetables, as well as an account that will get extra protection and support, and some unique stickers will also be available. After that, you will have to do the next step, for How to get Blue Tick on Instagram Watch this Full video

where It must be telling that you will be charged $699  per month if you want to get all these features.
And if you want to pay, then you have to click on it.

And if, after paying, your Paytmya Upi is an add from Instagram or Facebook, then it will pick it up directly; if not, So you can pay in a different way also; for this, you can pay with a credit card or a debit card, and you will get instagram verification badge in just 24 hours as soon as the payment is done.

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