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Nowadays, this song is going very viral on social media, and the song title is “Kalesh Chori Song by DG Immortal.” Lakhs of people are making reels on this song, and the lyrics are “Main Ke Maan Ja na Naas Karwavegi Ke.”So you know who is the singer of this viral song,
“Kalesh Chori,” and what is the lyrics of this song are: “Gadi ke truck neeche.” If you don’t know so don’t worry in this article we will know who is singer of this viral song “kalesh Chori .”

Kalesh Chori lyrichs

Kalesh Chori Song: Full Lyrics and Full Details
You know what Kalesh chori song music version was already released 1 year before and it has 2.6 million views on youtube but this time Video Version of this song with very talented and most popular and pretty singer “Pranjal Dahiya” is released on 17 January and after releasing of this song its going viral onn internet like ‘Spreading Fire in The Jungle.’ Watch Full Video

Who is singer of Kalesh Chori | Kalesh Chori song Lyrics
Song Kalesh Chori also going viral on instagram reels with lyrics, main ka man jana naas karwavegi ke
and singer of this song  is “Pranjal Dahiya”,  ‘DG IMMORTAL ’ and RAGA , HARJAS, VIRTUAL_AF

Pranjal Dahiya New Song

Who is Pranjal Dahiya | Kalesh Chori I Pranjal Dahiya New Song
Pranjal Dahiya is a very popular and cute Haryanvi singer; her song 52 Gaj Ka Daman was a super duper hit on the internet, and this song has reached 1.4 billion views on Youtube.
Pranjal Dahiya was born on May 5, 1996, in Fridabad, Haryana, and she belongs to a Hindu family. Pranjal Dahiya was used to dancing and performing on stage in his early career.

Kalesh Chori DG Immortal

Who is DG Immortal  | DG Immortal Songs
Dg Immortal is also a music artist and singer, a rapper, a sound engineer, a composer, and a lyricist. His songs are fabulous and cool. Recently, DG Immortal released his song with Youtuber ELVISH YADAV, and the title was “Bad Boy.”

What is the Real Name of DG Immortal | DG Immortal Real Name
The real name of DG Immortal is Digvijay Mehra, and his song Kalesh Chori is going very viral on the Internet. People are making reels on this song and putting it in their status updates and stories, and they are also enjoying it.

Who is  RAGA | RAGFA kalesh Chori
Raga is also a very popular singer on the internet and he has 216K with blue verified tick on instagram.

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