Kalesh Chori Download | DG Immortal | Biography | DG Immortal Real Name

The song Kalesh Chori by DG Immortal is going viral on the internet, and people are obsessed with this song. This song is sung by singer DG Immortal, and in this article we will talk about DG Immortal. Who is DG Immortal, and what is his real name?

dg immortal biography, wiki

DG Immortal Biography | Age | Real Name

DG Immortal is a very talented superstar singer from Haryana. DG Immortal was born in Haryana, India, and he is very passionate about singing, rapping, and music.

DG Immortal Real Name | Kalesh Chori

DG Immortal is a very young and super talented singer, and his real name is “DIGVIJAY MEHRA.” And he is founder of ‘Boom Shiva Immortals’ & also Co-Founder of ‘Boom Shiva Official.’

DG Immortal: All Songs | Kalesh Chori

DG Immortal has released many Haryanvi songs. His most popular songs are Kalesh Chori (20122), Bad Guy (2022), Badmash, Pablo, 50 Tola, Gudgaame Ale, and many more.

DG Immortal song “Bad Guy” (Elvish Yadav) | Kalesh Chori

The song “Bad Guy” was a super duper hit, and in this song, Immortal and Youtuber Elvish Yadav performed very well. This song was released on October 3, 2022.

Kalesh Chori Song by Pranjal Dahiya | Dg Immortal & Raga
In this song  most popular Haryanvi singer, Pranjal Dahiya, performs and looks so adorable with Raga and DG Immortal. In this song, Harjas Harjaayi and Virtual_AF sing.

Kalesh Chori Song

Kalesh Chori Song Lyrics: Man Ja Na Naas Karavegi Ke
This song’s lyrics are so good, and people are making reels to this song. On Instagram on this song almost 7 Lakh+ reels videos has been created and this song Kalesh Chori and Lyrics of this song are ruling all over the internet.

Kalesh Chori Ringtone MP3 Download | Kalesh Chori mp3 download
The Craze of this song is Insane and most of the people are asking How to download this song and set ringtone. So if you want to download this song on Google, then follow these steps:
1. Search on Google for Kalesh Chori ringtone download in mp3.
or if you want to download this song in mp3 format, then you have to follow these steps:
A: Download an application on your Android phone. calles Vidmate or
B- Download an applicaton named “Save From Net”
Now simply search on YouTube for “Kalesh Chori Song Rintone Status.”
D- Now copy the link
E- Paste the link in any application of your phone (‘VIDMATE’ or ‘Save From Net’)
Click on the “Download” button.

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