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In a recent video, Dhruv Rathi made fun of this girl (war rukwa di papa) in front of everyone, but do you know who she is? She’s gaining massive viral attention on social media, with people creating memes about her constantly.

War Rukwa Di Papa Girl Name

The girl featured in the BJP ad is named Priyanka. In the ad, she portrayed a character related to the Ukraine war. However, the way she delivered her lines became a subject of ridicule, especially when she said, “War rukwa di papa.” This phrase was repeated throughout the video.

War Rukwa Di Papa Girl Instagram ID

Some people even speculated that she might be the same actress from the popular TV serial “Saath Nibhana Saathiya,” where the character Gopi Bahu gained immense fame. It was rumored that she had transitioned from the serial to this ad, which further fueled the memes and jokes.

War Rukwa Di Papa Ad Cast

Social media platforms were flooded with memes about her, with many captioning her dialogues from the video. The video, which initially had only 40,000 views, quickly skyrocketed to nearly 200,000 views due to the viral attention it received.

War Rukwa Di Papa Girl Meme

While the trolling continues, it begs the question: is it fair to mock this girl for her performance? After all, she is merely an actress doing her job. Previously, she had worked in an ad for the Congress party and now in one for the BJP. Yet, she faces relentless trolling for her delivery.

war rukwa di papa

War rukwa di papa: Amidst all the controversy, the phrase “War rukwa di papa” echoes in the online space, perpetuating the mockery and making it a staple in discussions about the video.

Dont Troll Girl War Rukwa Di Papa

As this video continues to circulate, it raises important questions about the ethics of trolling and the treatment of actors. Should they be subjected to such ridicule for merely doing their job? It’s essential to ponder over these questions and reconsider our approach to social media criticism.

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What do you think about this situation? Is it fair to mock the girl in the video, or should we reconsider our behavior towards actors? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe for more related updates.

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