Kim Taehyung Birthday Celebration on Burj Khalifa : BTS V Birthday Pics

bts v birthday celebration

To make Kim Taehyung’s birthday memorable, the BTS Army has decorated South Korean Buses and Bus stands with photos of Kim Taehyung.

bts v birthday celebration
Kim Taehyung Birthday Celebration Pictures and Decorating

BTS’s Kim Taehyung’s birthday is coming up on December 30, and like every time, the BTS Army will celebrate Kim Taehyung’s birthday with great pomp. People in Japan and South Korea have decorated the streets of their cities with Kim Taehyung’s photo all around, and you can see tall buildings with BTS’s Kim Taehyung’s photo on them, and he looks handsome. Our BTS Kim Taehyung is as dashing as ever. BTS V Birthday Celebration All Pics

BTS V Birthday
Fans Made Kim Taehyung’s Birthday Memorable and Special
To make Kim Taehyung’s birthday memorable, the BTS Army has decorated South Korean buses and bus stands with photos of Kim Taehyung. You will find photos of Kim Taehyung all around. The BTS Army has been doing this work since the beginning of December. This shows that the BTS Army likes BTS members wholeheartedly. See leaked Photos of BTS JIN in Military Camp.

BTS Birthday

Kim Taehyung Birthday Celebration with great Joy & Happiness

To commemorate BTS Kim Taehyung’s birthday in South Korea, 5 fans decorated bus number 80 in Busan city with advertisements featuring BTS Kim Taehyung’s photos.

For the whole month of December, a Nuna V organisation in South Korea bought the whole billboard in front of HYBE’s building and allowed Kim Taehyung’s photo to be there for the whole month of December; you can see this photo here.

bts v birthday celebration

And not only this, Kim Taehyung’s photos have been placed on buses and bus stands in three big cities in Japan, and this city is “Osaka.”
“Tokyo” and “Fukuoka”

Army Did you know that Kim Taehyung set a record.Kim Taehyung is the first k-pop idol from South Korea to have his birthday photos lit up on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai for two consecutive years.

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