Elvish Yadav-Girlfriend, Networth & Love Story

Elvish Yadav girlfriend Kirti Mehra Breakup reason
Elvish Yadav girlfriend Kirti Mehra Breakup reason

Elvish Yadav is a Comedian YouTuber and Social media influencer. He has become the winner of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. In this article, we will tell you about his lifestyle, his love story with his girlfriend Kirti Mehra, We will also know about Elvish Yadav and Kirti Mehra breakup reason. In this article, we will share some interesting facts about Elvish’s lifeand Elvish Yadav GF Kirti Mehra that you might not know.

Who is Elvish Yadav ? Elvish Yadav Girlfriend

Elvish Yadav is an Indian Youtuber and Social Media Influencer, He has now became winner of BIGBOSS OTT2, Elvish Yadav was born on September 24, 1997, in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Elvish Yadav Age and His Birthday

Elvish Yadav Real name is Siddharth Yadav, He is very talented and Handsome Men. Elvish Yadav was born on September 24, 1997, and as of 2030, he is 26 years old.

Who is Elvish Yadav’s Family and Parents

Elvish Yadav Father’s Name – Elvish Yadav’s father’s name is Ram Avatar, His father loves him so much and always supported to his SON

Elvish Yadav Mother’s Name – His mother’s name is Sushma Yadav. Elvish’s parents have supported him throughout his journey, including his time on Bigg Boss.

Who is Elvish Yadav’s Sister – Her Name

Elvish Yadav also has a sister named Komal Yadav. Despite occasional fights, they share a strong bond of love.

Elvish Yadav’s Education & Degree

Elvish Yadav completed his schooling from Amity International School, Gurgaon, and graduated from Hansraj College with a BCom degree. He was an average student but very sharm minded.

Who is Elvish Yadav’s Girlfriend and What is her Name ?

Elvish Yadav girlfriend Kirti Mehra Breakup reason

Yes! Elvish Yadav has a beautiful girlfriend, and they have been together since childhood. Elvish Yadav Loves her GF So Much. He also sais about his relationship that he is very loyal to his GF.

Elvish Yadav and Kirti Mehra Love Story

Elvish Yadav met Kirti Mehra in college, and they became a popular duo on YouTube. Both were very talented and used to make videos together, However, they eventually broke up for reasons unknown.

Elvish Yadav and Kirti Mehra’s Breakup Reason

Elvish Yadav girlfriend Kirti Mehra Breakup reason

Elvish and Kirti had a successful partnership on YouTube, but their relationship ended in a breakup, leaving fans curious about the reasons. What is the reason behind it ? No one Knows Exactly. But Elvish and Kirti Mehra was most beautiful Couple on Internet.

Elvish Yadav and Kirti Mehra’s Relationship : Love Story

Fans still hope for a reunion between Elvish and Kirti Love Story due to their on-screen chemistry. Kirti has expressed respect for Elvish and their past together.

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Elvish Yadav Networth & Income Saurce 

Elvish earns over a crore (10 million) per month through various sources, and his income increased significantly after winning Bigg Boss OTT 2. Elvish Yadav income saurce are different, Elvish Yadav earns from Sponsership and google Adsnese and Events also.

Elvish Yadav Big Boss Prize Money

Elvish Yadav Big Boss winner Wall Paper

Elvish won 25 lakh rupees as prize money for winning Bigg Boss OTT.

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Elvish Yadav Gf Kirti Mehra Love Story

Their love story had its ups and downs, ultimately leading to Elvish’s victory in Bigg Boss OTT. Elvish has won the hearts of millions, and his fans continue to support him.

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