CLASS CAST : Netflix Series CLASS Full CAST | Saba Manzoor Real Name

Recently a Webseries CLASS on Netflix is TRENDING in INDIA. Let’s know the cast of CLASS and about them.

1. Veer Ahuja
2. Saba Manzoor
3. Suhani
4. Neeraj Kumar Valmiki
5. Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki
6. Balli Shehrawal

So let’s see and know what is their real name and who are these people.

1. Who Plays Veer Ahuja in CLASS NETFLIX | Zeyn Shaw as Veer Ahuja
Veer Ahuja’s character in CLASS Webseries is played by Zeyn Shaw and Zeyn Shaw is an Indian Actor.

Zeyn Shaw Wiki | Biography | Age | Girlfriend and more
Zeyn Shaw is an Indian Actor and recently Zeyn Shaw made her debut in the big world of acting from NETFLIX SERIES CLASS. In this webseries, Zeyn has played the leading character of Veer Ahuja and Veer Ahuja tries to make Saba Manzoor his girlfriend.

Zeyn Shaw Career | Series | movies
Zeyn Shaw is a resident of Delhi and he used to do theater in his school and used to participate in small acts. Zeyn Shaw has completed his graduation from Boston University.

2. Who Plays Saba Manzoor in CLASS NETFLIX

saba mansoor and madhyama

The character of Saba Manzoor in the Netflix Series CLASS is played by Madhyama Sejal and Madhyama Segal is the real name of Saba Manzoor.

Madhyama Sejal | Saba Manzoor Netflix | Wiki | Biography | Age | Boyfriend | family
Madhyama Sejal is a very talented dancer and actress, Madhyama Sejal was born in Delhi and madhyana’s birthday falls on 28 October.

Madhyama Segal | Family | Boyfriend
Saba Manzoor (Madhyana Sejal) was born in a Hindu family and is a Hindu. Madhyama’s mother’s name is SUJATA SEJAL and MADHYAMA loves her mother very much.
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Madhyama Segal All Series | Movies | Career
Madhyama Segal belongs to a dancer family and Madhyama loves to dance. Madhyama Debuts Her Acting Career With NETFLIX SERIES CLASS

3. Who Plays Suhani Ahuja in CLASS NETFLIX SERIES

suhani ahuja Class real name anjali sivaraman

Suhani Ahuja is played by Anjali Sivaraman in the Netflix Series CLASS and Suhani’s real name is Anjali Sivaraman.

Anjali Sivaraman (Suhani Ahuja) Wiki | Biography | Age | Boyfriend | family
ANJALI SIVARAMAN is an Indian actress and Anjali is a very brilliant actor, dancer, and model. Anjali was born on 17 October 1997 in Mumbai Maharashtra. Anjali’s father Vinod Sivaraman is an Airforce Pilot.

Anjali Sivaraman | Series | Career
Anjali Sivaraman has recently been seen playing the role of Suhani Ahuja in the Netflix Series CLASS, but even before that Anjali Sivaraman made her debut in the film Cobalt Blur which was released in the year 2021.

ANJALI SIVARAMAN | Age | Weight | Boyfriend
Anjali Sivaraman’s Weight is 53KG.
Anjali Sivaraman does not have any Boyfriend and Anjali is currently focused on making her career.

4. Who Plays Neeraj Kumar Valmiki in Netflix Series CLASS

neeraj kumar valmiki real name gurfateh pirzada

Neeraj Kumar Valmiki is played by Gurfateh Pirzada in Netflix Series CLASS and Neeraj Kumar Valmiki’s real name is Gurfateh Pirzada

Neeraj Kumar Valmiki (Gurfateh Pirzada) Wiki | Biography | Girlfriend
Gurfateh Pirzada was born on 29 October 1996 in Chandigarh and has completed his graduation from Shobit University. The name of the parents of Gurfateh Pirzada is Gurlal Pirzada and Paramjit Kaur Pirzada. Gurfateh Pirzada has worked in the Short Film Bewajah (2017) and also played the role of Vijay in the Web Series Guilty and this webseries was released in 2020.

5. Who Plays Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki in Netflix Series CLASS

dheeraj kumar valmiki real name piyus khati

Piyush Khati has played the character of Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki in the Netflix Series CLASS and Piyush Khati is the real name of Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki.

Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (Piyush Khati) Wiki | Biography | Age | Gender
Piyush Khati was born in Mumbai and Piyush’s age is 21 years. Piyush has played the character of Dheerja very well in the Netflix Series CLASS and Piyush has completed his graduation in BJMC.

6. Who Plays Balli Shehrawat In Netflix Series CLASS

balram shehrawat real name cwaayl singh

The character of Balli Shehrawat is played by Cwaayl Singh in the Netflix Series CLASS and Cwaayl is the real name of Balli Shehrawat.

Cwaayl Singh Netflix Wiki | Age | Biography | Girlfriend
Cwaayl Singh was born in Mumbai Maharashtra and Cwaayl belongs to a Hindu family. Cwaayl singh ne tv has worked in many commercials and Cwaayl has worked with bollywood stars like Kriti Sanon and Imran Hashmi.

So these were the most popular cast of friends Netflix Series CLASS. I hope you must share this article with your friends

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