Recently, BTS member Jungkook dozed off in front of a live audience of over six million people. 

When Jungkook couldn't sleep at seven in the morning, he launched a live on Weverse.

Faced with the camera, Jungkook slept off.

He slept, but the live continued for another 21 minutes.

He was viewed by over six million people.

The strange audience has undoubtedly taken everyone by surprise.

He was wearing a short-sleeved black T-shirt that displayed his tattoos.

White linens were covering Jungkook's bed.

He said, "If I fall asleep like this, the company will go crazy," after engaging in some conversation.

He proudly displayed his black pillow before the camera.

21 additional minutes of the live broadcast drew close to 6 million viewers to their TVs.

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