Its really amazing to see BTS V Headshave

In a Weverse livestream, BTS' V throws fans a curveball, putting to rest those pesky mandatory military enlistment rumors.

The internet goes wild over V's hair found on the floor in an Instagram story, setting off a storm of buzz cut speculations.

Surprise, surprise! V debuts a shorter 'do during a live session on November 26, leaving fans in awe.

 The 27-year-old sensation unveils a fresh look, shaking things up from his usual signature style.

Fans go from sighs of relief to heightened curiosity, shifting focus to V's musical preferences.

Hold your breath—V spills the beans on his favorite track from Jungkook's solo debut GOLDEN, grooving to "Please Don't Change."

Joy erupts as V gets into the rhythm, swaying and belting out lyrics to Jungkook's latest masterpiece.

Social media explodes with screen-recorded clips as fans rally for a collaboration between V and Jungkook.

Gratitude fills the digital air as one fan on X anticipates a cheerful farewell, waving goodbye to those haircut worries.

 Fans playfully muse about V's unpredictability, agreeing that you never know what gem he'll drop next.

The rollercoaster of emotions in fan responses reflects the wild ride from haircut speculation to pure delight.