Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw Biography, Instagram, Boyfriend, Family

Recently, a video of cricketer Prithvi Shaw has gone viral on the internet, and in this video, social media influencer SAPNA GILL and her friends were arguing with Prithvi Shaw.
We’ll find out who Sapna Gill is and what her Instagram handle is.

SAPNA GILL Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend

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Sapna Gill vs. Prithvi Shaw is a social media influencer and model. Sapna is very passionate about modelling and acting; she wants to become an actress.

Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw Instagram , Boyfriend

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SAPNA GILL is very popular on Instagram, and she makes very hot and super attitude reel videos. Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw’s Instagram ID is @sapnagillofficial, and she has 230K+ followers on Instagram. However, since her involvement in the Prithvi Shaw case, the public is looking for her Instagram ID, and her followers are growing like crazy.

Sapna Gill Instagram | Boyfriend | Prithvi Shaw News

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Sapna Gill is very active on social media instead of Instagram; she is also popular on Snapchat, Moj, and Josh. She is also a fitness freak who spends her free time working out; she works out every day and is a very hot and fit girl.

sapna gill prithvi shaw

Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw | Bio | Family | Boyfriend

Sapna Gill is a very talented young lady who is also very attractive. She lives in Mumbai, and she loves traveling. She has visited many foreign countries, like Singapore and London.

Prithvi Shaw News | Sapna Gill Prithvi Shaw Full Video

On social media, this video in which Prithvi Shaw was arguing with a group of Sapna Gill and her friends is going viral. Sapna Gill asked Prithvi Shaw for a selfie; At the time, Prithvi Shaw didn’t deny them and let them take a selfie; After this, they came back and asked for another selfie, but this time he became angry. After this, Sapna Gill and her friends attacked his friend’s car and drove it away.

Full Story video of Prithvi Shaw and Sapna Gill

People’s reactions to the viral video on social media have been mixed. Some believe Sapna Gill is playing the victim card in order to gain public attention, while others believe it is merely a publicity stunt.

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