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Manipur Viral Video Case

At this time, a video from Manipur has gone viral on social media, and after manipur viral video humanity feels ashamed after witnessing its contents. This video has become a hot topic of discussion on Twitter, trending in Manipur for the past week. Following the incident depicted in the video, the Chief Minister stated that many such cases have been registered with the FIR, but no comprehensive action has been taken yet.

what is the case of manipur latest viral video

Manipur Viral Video Clip on Twitter Full Case

The incident in Manipur involving a mob’s actions against two women is heart-wrenching and distressing.
In the aftermath of this event, four main suspects have been arrested. The incident occurred on May 4th, and the suspects were apprehended 70 days later. However, all of this happened when the nation became aware of the incident, and people from all walks of life expressed their anger, from the streets to the parliament.

Manipur viral video original video twitter full case

The dispute between the Kuki-Naga and Meitei communities has been an ongoing issue in Manipur. The primary cause of this dispute is related to reservations and the ensuing debate escalated further after the court’s verdict.

what is the case of manipur latest viral video

Perhaps you may not be aware of the fact that one of the two women involved in this incident is the wife of an army soldier who served in the Kargil war, dedicating himself to the service of the nation.

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Nowadays, a video of this duo is going viral on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. So the public wants to know about this Manipur viral couple, who they are, and what they were doing at the Karam Hotel and Resort.
Before watching Samu Macha Viral Video we will know about them, Who are they and What is the name of this viral Girl.

Samu Macha Video | Anita Wahengbam Video
Actually In this viral video, a couple were having fun at the Karam Hotel and Resort. Girl was having red dress and a black Jacket, she was looking so much pretty as alaways , and the man who is bestfriend of this girl was also looking a gentleman. They were here to have fun with his friend.

anit wahenbam

Samu Macha Full Video | Anita Wahengbam Viral Video

The name of this hot and viral girl is “Anita Wahengbam.” She is a model and actress. She is very passionate about her career, and she wants to become a Super Hotel Model.

Anita Wahengbam Facebook | Instagram

Manipur Viral Video Samu Macho Viral Girl’s real name is Anita Wahengbam, and she also has a Facebook profile. Her Facebook profile name is “ANITA WAHENGBAM.” Anita have huge fan Following on her facebook account she have 62 thousand Followers (62K) on Facebook. Anita Wahengbam also makes reel videos and her videos on song Samu Amcha Viral Video is going popular on social media. If you visit her Facebook profile, you must be shocked because she is really very hot and cute. Watch Ayshatul Humaira Full Video

Samu Macha Manipur Viral Video | Karam Resort Viral Video

So if you wanna watch their viral video then you must have to follow these Steps

1-Download the Telegram application on your Android phone.

2– Now Open and Search Samu Macha Manipur Viral Video

3—Now you will see many channel links in front of your eyes.

4– Now Click in any Channel and open that channel

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6—To open this video, click on this link and watch

7—If there is any problem, you must download the MX Player application on your Android phone.

8– Now here is the video in front of you. Thank You

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